1-off Custom Neon Clock

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We have the option to offer 1-off Custom Neon Clocks to promote your business or as gifts for staff and customers or we can personalise them to include a picture of your prized possession, whether that's a vehicle, motorcycle, pet or even a treasured family member.  Produced with high quality neon tubes, they require an AA battery to run the clock, with a 240V 3-pin plug (supplied) to run the neon.

To make these custom clocks, we do require crisp/clear PDF or JPG images to be able to produce a good-quality clock face.

Tube colour options for custom clocks are currently red, blue, yellow and orange. Unfortunately green and white are currently out of stock but will be available in time for your Xmas clock requirements so pre-order now.

Custom clocks take 1-2 weeks to be made and supplied once your acceptable image is provided.

NB: Clock shown is an example of a clock we made recently for a customer. Custom one-off clocks are not available for sale to others without your express prior permission.